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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gr-usrp library

From: Ges
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gr-usrp library
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 23:57:58 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Eric,

I have not looked at tunnel_ip_null_mac. I went through the others. What I am trying to do is identify the gnuradio blocks I will need to use to convert a character stream from a file into signals that can be sent across the SMA cable to the rx side, where it can be decoded and written as a character stream back to a file.

I used the gnuradio blocks from the old gmsk implementation (python test script that reads from a file and writes to a file - using the simple_correlator block) in Click to send the stream across the SMA cable, but it does not seem to work. I was having some issues with usrp overrun, but I cleared those problems.

I am assuming that maybe they dont work properly over the cable, so I want to use the blocks in the new gmsk2 implementation. I am not able to identify the blocks i need to put together as a flowgraph to do this to use in Click. I need not have very complex packets. Something simple would do as long as I can get a character stream across.

benchmark_gmsk_tx and benchmark_gmsk_rx calls the gmsk2_demod and gmsk2_mod eventually. I find packet_utils confusing.

Is it possible for me to create a graph of gr_blocks that lets me read a character stream and send it across.


Eric Blossom <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 12:07:48PM -0700, Ges wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Thanks a lot. The gian for tx was different from the rx side.
> I having a little trouble understanding the flow of the new gmsk2 implementation.
> Can you give me a quick overview of it?
> I am confused with where its getting a character to convert and send
> out. Is there a way to just read a character stream from a file and
> pass it to the gmsk2_mod to convert and send out? Will the
> simple_framer work with this implementation?
> I am looking a simple implementation where I can read a character
> stream from a file and send it to across the SMA cable and write it
> to a file on the receiver side. If I have a simple implementation
> working as proof of concept in Click, then i can try a TDMA mac on
> top of it.

Do you understand benchmark_gmsk_tx, benchmark_gmsk_rx and
tunnel_ip_null_mac? If not, what are your specific questions?


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