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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] atsc - field sync mux/demux questions

From: Charles Swiger
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] atsc - field sync mux/demux questions
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 18:50:23 -0400

Well - the good news - plowing blindly ahead I shoveled
everything from GrAtscFieldSyncMux into a new
atsc_field_sync_mux and it actually compiles and might
be producing meaningful results. At least scrolling out
to segment 313 shows a segment full of 1's and 6's that
might match a pn511 reference symbol field.

However it's not so simple with demux - the old code has:

GrAtscFieldSyncDemux::work (VrSampleRange output, void *ao[],
                            VrSampleRange inputs[], void *ai[])
      d_lost_index = inputs[0].index + ii;

But that won't compile in 2.0.  Using something like:

atsc_field_sync_demux::work (int noutput_items,
                       gr_vector_const_void_star &input_items,
                       gr_vector_void_star &output_items)
  const atsc_data_segment *in = (const atsc_data_segment *)
      d_lost_index = in[0].index + ii;

understandably gets:

atsc_field_sync_demux.cc: In member function `virtual int
atsc_field_sync_demux::work(int, gr_vector_const_void_star&,
atsc_field_sync_demux.cc:79: error: 'const class atsc_data_segment' has
no member named 'index'

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