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[Discuss-gnuradio] Profiling GNURadio with gprof

From: Thomas Schmid
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Profiling GNURadio with gprof
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 10:06:14 -0700


I am trying to profile my code with gprof. I configured and compiled
my modules with the --with-gprof option. Next, I run my test script
which uses these modules and the script returns without any errors (I
use a filesource to deliver the data to my modules). Now I should have
the gmon.out file which I can analyze with gprof, but it isn't there.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Or can someone give me some hints on
how they profile their GNURadio applications?

Thank you,


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