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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] New source code repository!

From: Berndt Josef Wulf
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] New source code repository!
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 11:05:43 +0930
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On Saturday 05 August 2006 03:36, Eric Blossom wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm pleased to announce that we have combined all the source
> code repositories in to a new unified subversion system!
> In addition we are running Trac, http://gnuradio.utah.edu/trac,
> which provides a unified bug-tracker, wiki and subversion code
> browser.
> We've also restructured the entire build process in a way that removes
> the need for things like ./checkout, ./for-all-dirs and ./buildit
> Johnathan Corgan will be following up with details on the new build
> system.  We think you'll like it.  There are bound to be a few rough
> spots at first, so please bear with us, and let us know what's not
> working ;)
> I'd like to thank the following people and organizations for making this
> possible:
>   Matt Ettus for bugging me non-stop about Trac, and insisting that we
>   make GNU Radio easier to build.
>   Jay Lepreau and the folks at the University of Utah's Flux Research
>   Group for providing expertise, the machine, net connection and
>   industrial strength archiving.  For those of you unfamiliar with
>   Flux and the Emulab - Network Emulation Testbed, take a look at
>   http://www.emulab.net.  Their main networking testbed has about 300
>   machines in a cluster.  What's particularly interesting from the GNU
>   Radio point of view, is that they currently have about 20 machines
>   scattered about with USRP's attached.  The USRP's have RFX-900
>   daughterboards, and best of all, these machines can be used by _you_
>   to perform wireless networking experiments.
>   For information on Emulab, take a look their web site.  If you're
>   interested in running wireless experiments on the testbed, there's
>   already a GNU Radio project registered.  Talk to me and I can add
>   you to the project.
>   Finally, I want to thank Johnathan Corgan for kicking some serious
>   ass making this all happen.  Johnathan has been handling the sys
>   admin on the new machine, and is to blame for the restructuring of
>   the build system ;)
> For those of you who just want to dive in: create a new directory
> and cd into it, then execute these commands:
>   $ svn co http://gnuradio.utah.edu/svn/gnuradio/trunk gnuradio
>   $ cd gnuradio
>   $ ./bootstrap
>   $ ./configure
>   $ make && make check
>   $ sudo make install
> Regarding trac, we've got the bug tracker initialized, please feel
> free to create "tickets" (bug reports / enhancement requests).
> We still need to port the old usemod wiki pages to trac.  Any
> volunteers?  It's pretty straight-forward, and I can provide details.
> There is a "bulk load" command line tool to get them in.  Also, we
> still need to create a guest account on the wiki to let folks edit.
> The plan is to use CAPTCHAs (visual Turing tests) and let anonymous
> folks edit, but that code's not in yet.
> Committers, we'll need to set you up to be able to write to svn.  The
> backend is using WebDAV with htdigest authentication.  We're lacking a
> good GUI to do this now, so here's how it's going to work.  Send me a
> pgp/gpg encrypted message with your preferred user name and a decent
> password. (My keys are here http://comsec.com/pgp-keys.txt)
> When we run out of things to do, we'll fix this problem, but for now,
> we'll go with this.  If anybody can point us to code that already
> handles this (in less than 2000 lines of code), please do.
> Also, if you're not familiar with subversion -- particularly the best
> practices for branching and merging, and the recommended format of
> commit messages on merges -- please take a look at the docs:
> http://subversion.tigris.org.
> The repo is laid out like this:
>   gnuradio/trunk/{gnuradio-core,gnuradio-examples,usrp,gr-usrp,...}
>   gnuradio/tags
>   gnuradio/branches
>   gnuradio/branches/developers/{eb,jcorgan,...}
> gnuradio/trunk corresponds to CVS head.  Please ensure that this code
> always builds.  If you're working on a non-trivial change, it's a good
> idea to create a new branch using svn copy, do the work on the branch,
> and then merge it into trunk when it's stable.
> If any of you have uncommitted code in a cvs checkout, please generate
> a diff against cvs HEAD (or use the tag "SECOND_MIGRATION_2006_08_04)
> and apply the diffs to svn.
> That's it for now.  Look for Johnathan's detailed note a bit later.
> Best wishes,
> Eric
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> address@hidden
> http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss-gnuradio


build fails with doxygen and dot options enabled

mkdir -p html
Error: tag INPUT: input source `../../src/lib' does not exist
gmake[1]: *** [html/index.html] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory 
gmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

In gr-radar the build fails due to

   if ((d_fd = open(d_filename.c_str(), O_RDONLY | O_LARGEFILE, 0660)) == -1){

NetBSD's open() function doesn't support the O_LARGEFILE flag. I guess all 
files are large.... :-)

    d_sample_rate(sample_rate), d_gain(exp10(gain_db/10))

    d_sample_rate(sample_rate), d_gain(exp10(gain_db/10))

NetBSD doesn't support exp10() function

Find attached diff that fixes these shortcomings.

cheerio Berndt

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