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[Discuss-gnuradio] inband packet encoding/decoding daemon

From: George Nychis
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] inband packet encoding/decoding daemon
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:02:48 -0400
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So from what I understand, a daemon has been suggested for inband packet encoding and decoding that is implemented as an m-block which can be connected in a flow graph for the encoding/decoding and interfacing with the USRP. Is this correct?

The goal would be the only have 1 of these running, correct? That way only one is interfacing with the USRP at a time.

If this is true, what kind of IPC mechanism are we looking at? GNU Radio is also compatible on Windows and if we want to keep compatibility we have to be careful here.

I could start designing and laying this out.

- George

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