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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Dayton

From: Eric A. Cottrell
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Dayton
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 13:01:20 -0400
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Matt Ettus wrote:
> Chris Stankevitz wrote:
>> Matt Ettus wrote:
>>> Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip to Dayton at the last minute. 
>>> Ettus Research will not be represented there this year, but we hope
>>> to be back next year.
>> What's going on in Dayton?
> The Dayton Hamvention, see hamvention.org

I usually go to Dayton every 2 to 4 years but may go next year to say
hello to other list members.  Being an AMSAT guy I got to talk to Bob,
N4HY, who asked when I was going to check-in to SVN. :)

It is easy to forget there are non-HAMs on this list.  Being a ham it is
easy to consider Hamvention since it covers many of my interests.  For
someone interested in SDR there are a few vendors and a couple of
forums.  TAPR is involved in the HPSDR project.  Things are mainly
Amateur Radio oriented.

Most of the vendors are Amateur Radio oriented but there are some rf
parts and computer vendors as well.  The fleamarket again has mostly
Amateur Radio stuff but you can find all kinds of electronics and
non-electronics items.  Over 10,000 people attend and fill up the hotels
around Dayton.

I got to stock up on various SMA adapters for the USRP that I could not
find locally.  I got some 800 MHz NMO antennas cheap to modify for 1090
MHz use.  I bought a wideband preamp and somehow a WinRadio WR-G305e
receiver followed me home.  Look for my radio museum to open in 2011. :)

73 Eric

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