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PS3 audio solution (wasRe: [Discuss-gnuradio] PS3 and gnuradio)

From: Bob McGwier
Subject: PS3 audio solution (wasRe: [Discuss-gnuradio] PS3 and gnuradio)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 11:35:47 -0400
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High Performance SDR ( http://hpsdr.org ) has been working on a high end audio interface for SDR (up to 192 kHz bandwidth at baseband, I/Q delivery over USB 2.0). It has a PWM modulator, and even a microphone hookup and codec for microphone and speakers.

The set of boards required is Atlas (because it holds up all of the experimental boards), Janus (because he was god of doorways, beginnings and endings), and Ozy (short for Ozymandias, the Shelley "ode"-ed king of old). The Atlas backplane/bus is REALLY expensive. I don't know if most can afford its $28 price tag. Janus is $179 and Ozy is $149. That is cheaper than a really high end sound card. The Janus uses the AKM5394A, the best audio A/D around so far as I can tell. It is used in the Lynx Studios sound cards, the creative Emu, and in the Flex Radio 5000 series, all with good reason. (see http://www.tapr.org

Beginning late this summer, but not before, after we get GnuRadio to actually run on the PS3, I will work with Frank and others to make this work. It uses libusb and I do not foresee major difficulties. I think we need intially to do a user space interface and then have an alsa plugin to access it. Thanks to Frank for pointing out the obvious. If anyone else wants to tackle this, jump all over it.


Jens Osterkamp wrote:

Matthias Klose is currently working on ppe/spe toolchain packages for Ubuntu :




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