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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] High packet loss problem (samples dropped?) and f

From: Frank Brickle
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] High packet loss problem (samples dropped?) and fusb parameters
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:31:22 -0400
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Hsin-mu Tsai wrote:

> This is my limits.conf
> @usrp           -       rtprio          90
> @usrp           -       memlock         2048000
> @usrp           -       nice            -19
> The user running the code is in usrp group.
> I'm running kernel 2.6.20-0119.rt8 from
> http://people.redhat.com/mingo/realtime-preempt/.
> (Ingo Molnar's realtime preempt kernel)

That all looks well-formed. Are you then running the gnuradio
process with an explicit nice value?


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