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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] xG Technology

From: John Clark
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] xG Technology
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:16:20 -0700
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Jeff Brower schrieb:
> Jordan-
>>> Phil Karn is a Qualcomm employee -- maybe not the most impartial
>>> source.
>> Hey, Jeff: welcome to the Internet.  I see this must be your first day
>> :)
> It seems like Phil has worked carefully and thoroughly to show areas of 
> weakness --
> or unexplained gaps -- in xG's approach and technical data.  And he's 
> qualified to do
> so.
> My comment would be that putting a "Snake Oil" image at the top of the web 
> page is
> not a good way to immediately convey a sense of impartiality.
> -Jeff

I looked at the various posts on this topic and all I can say is...
given that I was in Florida a few months ago, working with a 'very low
bit rate' link set up over about 15 miles, using a 25 W transmitter in
the ISM band (hey it was their FCC problem not mine...), and
getting quite a bit of interference none the less... I would have loved
to have some snake oil to grease the skids... as long as
the customer signed off...

As it was, with a few replacements of cables, turning off other 'local'
transmitters operating in the same band, etc... all was well..

At 35 or 50 mW of power over 18 miles, in the 902-928 ISM band, and at 3
Mbits/s, I'm wondering where they were in Florida...

On the topic of Phil Karn... my 'contact' with that name was using the
ancient AX-25/Packet Radio networking stacks of yore
to do incredibly low speed networking (as a note my system in Florida
was replacing a KA9Q based implementation...). So
perhaps while now Karn may have surcome to the corporate coolaid... at
least at some point he was involved in the
early phases of what we now call 'open software'... like GNURadio....
The last time I had anything to do with Packet Radio was
when I ported it to an OS/9 setup for a small company called ITT... I
thought that would be my entry in to the big time... ha... well

John Clark.

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