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Re[2]: [Discuss-gnuradio] Common clock for two RFX2400 DB's

From: Andrey A
Subject: Re[2]: [Discuss-gnuradio] Common clock for two RFX2400 DB's
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 13:22:00 +0300

> Andrey A wrote:
>> Hello!
>> We consider using USRP with two RFX2400 dautherboards to build MIMO system.
>> As I can see, each RFX2400 has Tx and Rx VCOs. Is it possible to use
>> common clock for these two dautherboards? (Frequency mismatch between
>> VCOs may prevent MIMO).

> All the VCOs are locked to the same reference, so you can do MIMO.

Thank you, Matt.
One more question. What is the reference instability?

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