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[Discuss-gnuradio] Found unconfigured USRP error

From: Ahmet Hasim Gokceoglu
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Found unconfigured USRP error
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 13:46:40 +0200


I have been intensely bothering the forum with my USRP problems, and
hope to solve them one day:) I have tried the command usrper led1 on
and get;

usrper: found unconfigured usrp; needs firmware.
usb_control_msg failed: error sending control message: Connection timed out
usrper: failed

I dont know why this firmware is not loaded correctly but after
searching the forum a little bit for those who experienced similar
kind of problems, I found this command for loading the firmware

usrper load_firmware /opt/gnuradio/share/usrp/rev4/std.ihx
( although I think if everything goes right there shouldnt be a
neccassity for this command anyway)

but what I get after this command is again;

usrper: found unconfigured usrp; needs firmware.

If I am unable to load the firmware manually, what is so wrong with my
system? As I have said earlier I think I don't have any problem with
my GNU Radio software since I made the dial tone example work. There
cannot be a problem with the USB version since I am using the high
speed USB2.0 connection. The only thing that comes into my mind and
also from the replies that I get for my earlier messages is the bad
USB cable but I also dont think that is the problem either.
Interestingly the blinking led goes OFF after executing these commands
both the usrper led1 on and usrper load_firmware
/opt/gnuradio/share/usrp/rev4/std.ihx , I have seen some people
reported to forum similar experiences with this LED remaning ON or
OFF. This shows that I have some communication with the board but
because the firmware is not loaded correctly nothing goes right. Does
anybody have any suggestions? Should I unmount the daughterboards and
do the same procedures again?


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