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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] m-block timeouts, time passed, or

From: David Li
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] m-block timeouts, time passed, or
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 09:03:14 -0700

Hi George,
 I am interested in your MAC work. Does it run in the kernel or user
 space? Does it interact with IP?
 Is there a branch that I can download and play with it? I have two USRP
 2400 boxes.
 - David Li
> Eric Blossom wrote:
>   > What your asking for would be hard to do using the existing
> framework.
>> I still don't understand where you want to do this from.  That is,
>> which code would be making the determination that it was time to
>> or unpause the timer.
> For instance, a new node enters a backoff state and decides that it 
> needs to wait for the channel to be idle for 10ms before it can
> transmit 
> (802.11 like).  It starts a one shot timer for 10ms, and with each
> RSSI reading from the PHY, which comes at variable times due to 
> processing and queues, the protocol checks if the new RSSI reading is 
> greater than some CCA threshold.  If it's greater, it needs to pause
> the 
> timer because the timer represents the time at which the node must
> when the channel is idle, not busy.  Once the RSSI drops below the
> threshold, it can then resume the timer.  Once the timer fires, the
> node 
> attempts to transmit.
> - George
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