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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Companion USRP Transmitter Example

From: Isaac Gerg
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Companion USRP Transmitter Example
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 10:01:46 -0400
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  I just rechecked out grc from the repository.  Your two tone example
did not work right out of the box as I had to set some of the Sink and
Source settings, mostly the A:0 B:0 stuff....  I found out what my
problem was.  My Tx antenna is hooked up to TxA, but in the subdev Spec
for the sink, I had it set set to SideB.  Its working great now!

Thanks for example, that really made it easy to debug all the parameters
quickly to find the problem.


Josh Blum wrote:
I just checked in an two tone loopback example to the grc trunk. The setup that I just tested it on is a usrp with basic rx and basic tx, with txa and rxa connected together.

Could you post what daughter boards that you are using. You will have to use the grc trunk to use the above example.


isaacgerg wrote:

No luck. Can you send me an example xml schema for a transmitter that you
know works?

Thanks in advanced,

Josh Blum wrote:

isaacgerg wrote:

Does anyone have an .xml file that shows an example of doing this? Currently, I have a USRP sink with the following parameters and I cant get any signals on my Rx USRP. I know my Rx USRP is working as I can run the
gnuradio ptt example and I can see energy appearing on the PSD.

Here are my USRP Sink parameters:
Input type: complex
usint #: 0
subdev spec: side B
freq: 25000000
gain 3200
mux 0x0
auto t/r : ignore
tx enable: enable
interp: 400

The input to the sink is a cosine wave at 10000 with amplitude 100.

Thanks in advance.

Im not sure about the board you are using, but the actual allowed gain parameter is way less than 3200. Set the usrp gain to 0, and try a amplitude of 5000 for the signal source.


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