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[Discuss-gnuradio] gr-gcell fft

From: Charles Swiger
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] gr-gcell fft
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:36:05 -0400

Playing with gr-gcell/src/qa_fft.py and seeing if it can be made to
handle more than one size=32 fft.  If  I simply double the input data so
it gets 2 chunks, I get a segmentation fault. Might this be the same
thing as the 'make check' on Fedora7 issue?

This works fine:

ph =  gcell.program_handle_from_filename("../../gcell/src/lib/spu/gcell_all")
opts = gcell.jm_options(ph, 1)
mgr = gcell.job_manager(opts)

tb = gr.top_block()
fft_size = 32
src_data = tuple([complex(primes[2*i], primes[2*i+1]) for i in  

src = gr.vector_source_c(src_data)
s2v = gr.stream_to_vector(gr.sizeof_gr_complex, fft_size)
fft = gcell.fft_vcc(fft_size, True, [], False)
v2s = gr.vector_to_stream(gr.sizeof_gr_complex, fft_size)
dst = gr.vector_sink_c()
tb.connect(src, s2v, fft, v2s, dst)
result_data = dst.data()

and with a print statement in gcell_fft_vcc.cc to show the noutput_items
it shows 1 and runs fine.  Changing to this:

src_data_1 = tuple([complex(primes[2*i], primes[2*i+1]) for i in 
src_data = src_data_1 + src_data_1

I get:

gcell_fft_vcc::work - noutput_items: 2
Segmentation fault

I'll just upgrade to Fedora8 if that appears to be the problem, per

        FYI, I took a build tree compiled on Fedora 8, and was able to
        check" it OK on an FC7 PS3 and an F8 PS3.  I haven't spent any
        narrowing down the problem beyond this.  Thus, it's not kernel
        related.  I also ran the inverse test: code compiled on an FC7
        fails on FC7 and F8.

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