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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Beagleboard

From: Eric Brombaugh
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Beagleboard
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 12:18:41 -0700

On Aug 1, 2008, at 10:40 AM, Philip Balister wrote:

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Eric Cottrell <address@hidden> wrote:

There was some interest on this list earlier about the Beagleboard, a small OMAP3 based board. I just got one from Digi-key and it is small!

Besides the GNURadio aspects this may be a good board for ham radio digital modem applications like the old TI DSP Evaluation Board that TAPR used.

We have built gnu radio for the beagle board and simple stuff (dial
tone) does work (for some sw builds).

My list of gnu radio + beagle things to do:

1) Get ASoC sound working.
2) Work out USB sound configuration until 1.
3) Need to use libusb-0.1x. USRP transfer speed test works, but kernel
dumps when closing usb interface.
4) figure out how to run make check. Currently, individual tests run
with manual intervention.
5) Develop and test a NEON filter implementation.

Installing GNU Radio, install the Angstrom images, type "opkg install
gnuradio" :) If you have any questions I am on irc.freenode.net in
#beagle and #gnuradio.

That's great. The next thing I'd like to see is someone using the Beagle expansion port for a higher bandwidth RF interface. Something to get the data rate up beyond the ~30MB/s that the current USRP supports. Seems do-able, but would require some new driver and hardware development.


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