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RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP vs alternatives

From: Bob McGwier
Subject: RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP vs alternatives
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 05:26:30 -0400

You will need a soundcard and then you set up an stereo source.  I/Q at
baseband is delivered.

There is no "softrock interface" in gnuradio because there is no hardware to
control.  It delivers a 100 kHz or so and this is centered on the crystal
frequency on the softrock.

In gnuradio-examples/python/apps there are the Swiger hf_*  applications
which could be easily modified to do the required tasks.


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I really does not have it's own software.  It's just that most softrock user
like to use the "rocky" software because it runs on Windows.  You can't
really do much with Rocky because it is closed source, binary only.

Many people are using other software with softrock hardware.  However
I think most of that "other" software is Dttsp based rather then
gnuradio based. The
hardware is designed to be connected to a sound card and outputs
I and Q over a pair of analog outputs.  So what ever software you use
it would not have to "talk" to the softrock, it would talk to your
computer's audio subsystem.  Connections to the SR are all

The kit costs only $8 for the
receiver and even with it's use of SMD is not hard to build.

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 6:55 AM, Paul Miller <address@hidden>
> Because of the very high cost of the USRP, I'm looking for
> alternatives.  I found this gadget and I wondered if GNUradio is setup
> to use devices like this:
> http://www.amqrp.org/kits/softrock40/
> It appears to have its own software, but I'd rather get it to work
> with gnuradio if it's possible to do so.  Am I better of adapting the
> software they provide?  Am I better of trying to find the money for a
> USRP?  I don't know enough to even know how to approach these
> questions.  It seems like everything I read in SDR turns into a very
> deep rabbit hole.
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