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R: [Discuss-gnuradio] Intel ATOM WHOOAAAAA Nellie

From: Alberto Trentadue
Subject: R: [Discuss-gnuradio] Intel ATOM WHOOAAAAA Nellie
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 13:45:23 +0100 (CET)

Hi Bob

Your detailed description below triggers one question.

I'm about to setup a desktop (non portable) platform for GNURadio.
I know how to assemble a PC, but actually not expert in selectin HW.
ATOM is a good new product.
But as long as I'm not interested in portability, low power and in nifty 
graphics (but of course nifty sound), and 
not interested in supporting a lot of periferals (a bunch of good USB2 will 
do), and only interested in outstanding CPU 
power and RAM access speed, is ATOM still the choice?
I may not wait for the NVidia ION to arrive.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

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>Ogg: [Discuss-gnuradio] Intel ATOM  WHOOAAAAA Nellie
>Many of us have and love the Intel ATOM 330 boards we have.  I have 3 of 
>them!  I want to ask those who do not see an immediate need for them but 
>are thinking about getting one for SDR purposes,  I want to tell you 
>that "better things are arriving" as always.
>The Nvidia ION will address almost 100% of the few gripes with the 
>D945GCLF2 and D945GCLF (Intel Mobo) computers.  The intel graphics chip, 
>3D/2D acceleration, is okay, but it is not great.  The D945GCLF2 
>addressed the desire for 64 bit OS, but we still had pretty slow memory 
>supporting slow DDR2.  Unhappy with the PC VGA connector on the Intel?  
>The Nvidia ION has HDMI  output and 7.1 audio!
>The Nvidia ION address both of these shortcomings.  The Nvidia ION has a 
>memory of Nvidia's very impressive GPU's with the GEO Force (9300/9400) 
>family.  It is also supports DDR3 memory.  Both of these factors will 
>represent MAJOR improvements in the performance.
>Please, if you have not already purchased the Intel ATOM motherboards,  
>hold up a bit.  There is nothing wrong with the $80-$90 motherboards you 
>currently have but these new ones will represent bit steps in the right 
>HOWEVER, for those folks who want to build an small board computer for 
>supporting the Flex family of firewire devices,  the Intel motherboards 
>are your only choice.  You need the PCI slot to get the firewire support.
>For those of us who want to support USB 2.0 or better yet,  GigE,  the 
>Nvidia ION will provide more IO ports than the Intel motherboard and has 
>the other advantages already mentioned here.  You will need an external 
>drive case to hold the drives as the eSata ports are on the back of the 
>motherboard for Nvidia ION.
>So,  no firewire needed?  better memory and graphics needed?  HDMI 
>needed or desired?  Wait for the Nvidia ION motherboards to become 
>available to you in the second quarter of this year in desktops and 
>motherboards.  The ASUS N10Jc notebook are, or soon will be available.
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