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Re[Discuss-gnuradio] ceiving packets using 2 daughterboads in 2 framer s

From: Ling Huang
Subject: Re[Discuss-gnuradio] ceiving packets using 2 daughterboads in 2 framer sink didn't work correctly.
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 04:39:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I have posted my question a few days ago, but no one answer my question.
Maybe I didn't make my question clear. If there are any puzzle of my
statements, please let me know.

Here is my staff,
I use rfx400 and rfx2400 multi daughterboads on one USRP to receive or
transmit at the same time.I modified the codes of gnuradio-examples/digital
to do the work. 
The transmit part worked well. But the receive path didn't work correctly.
Only the framer_sink of rfx2400 side work. The other side of rfx400 can
receive the signal(I set --log-rx-power, and see the rfx400 did receive the
signal.) But the framer_sink of rfx400 didn't work.

my connect flow graph is
#for side a
self._watcher_a = _queue_watcher_thread_a(self._rcvd_pktq_a,
#for side b
self._watcher_b= _queue_watcher_thread_bself._rcvd_pktq_b

I switch the connect of deinterleave output to test each receive side flow
graph such as

The rfx400 side didn't work all the same, and the rfx2400 work fine just
like before. Then I can say the two path of connection is both working well.
And the rfx400 side is no wrong until connect to the self._demodulator_a. 

Have anyone ever do the same experiment of receiving packets using both
daughterboard? Can anyone tell me what's the mistake I made? 

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