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RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] BBN 802.11b questions

From: Danilo Valerio
Subject: RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] BBN 802.11b questions
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 00:04:42 +0200

Hi Douglas,

Douglas Geiger wrote:

> As I recall, the transmit functionality of the original BBN code was
> not standards compliant: due to the limited bandwidth of the USRP1 it
> did not actually do DSSS (or CCK, etc.) - it created the frame, and used
> DBSK (and possibly DQPSK) - but I don't think it did any sort of spreading.
> Doug

Actually I think that spreading IS implemented (see barker sequence).
As far as I remember, the legacy IEEE802.11 at 1 Mbps uses DBPSK and barker sequence.
Any 802.11b/g card should be able to receive that.

If this is correct,
I believe that, by putting a wifi-card in monitor/passive mode, a frame correctly transmitted from the USRP will be decoded by the card.
If your card allows you to disable CRC check at MAC layer, then you should see the frame also on wireshark (as a malformed packet)...

I'll let you know if it works out!

In the meanwhile, if you find errors in my thoughts, well tell me and I save time for something more useful! ;-)

Dan :-)

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