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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Installing GNU Radio

From: Eric Blossom
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Installing GNU Radio
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 13:51:53 -0700
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On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 06:54:27PM +0530, praphul chandra wrote:
> I am new to GNU Radio. Tried installing from source as per installation
> guide but getting following message at the end of ./bootstrap execution:
> *checking for FFTW3F... configure: error: Package requirements (fftw3f >=
> 3.0) were not met:
> No package 'fftw3f' found
> Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
> installed software in a non-standard prefix.
> Alternatively, you may set the environment variables FFTW3F_CFLAGS
> and FFTW3F_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
> See the pkg-config man page for more details.
> *I am using Fedora 11 and already installed fft3w, (3.2.2), SWIG,
> cppunit,Numarray & Numeric prior to gnu radio installation as per
> instruction.
> Please guide....

Please try installing the fftw-devel package



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