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[Discuss-gnuradio] another newbie question

From: Steve Mitan
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] another newbie question
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 12:48:29 -0400

Hi all

I have re-installed Ubuntu 9.04 and still have questions regarding getting
gnuradio up and running.

Following these instructions

"GNU Radio Release 3.2

With the latest GNU Radio release 3.2, binary package installation is
available for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty), bypassing the need for manually
installing build tool prerequisites and performing a source code
installation. In addition, installation and configuration of the USRP and
USRP2 is automated. This is fastest and easiest way to get a working GNU
Radio platform.

The rest of this page is now somewhat outdated and needs some
reorganization. "

I went to  "Debian Package Repository for GNU Radio" and followed the
instructions. Everything seems to have installed corrctly. I am able to open
GNU RADIO COMPANION. But how do I get a "working GNU Radio platform" as
stated above in "GNU Radio Release 3.2"? Do I have to build it from scratch
in grc? Or do I have to still  build it from scratch using the "Build Guide"
(which I tried without success.)?

>From what I can interpret in the first paragraph under "GNU Radio Release
3.2", it is not necessary to build from the "Build Guide" if I have Ubuntu
9.04 and using the latest GNU Radio release 3.2 - I can just use the "binary
package" installation.

I have searched the web but haven't been successful in finding the
information I need.

I guess my question is to get gnuradio up and running do I need to build it
from scratch using grc or is there a quicker(interpret easier) way of doing



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