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[Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio on MacOS X 10.6.2

From: Andreas Fink
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio on MacOS X 10.6.2
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 13:25:29 +0100

Hi Folks,

I've built GNU Radio under MacOS X 10.6.2 today. It is way easier than when I last tried under 10.4
I'm building it without "Fink" or "MacPorts" as I intend to make installer packages for the dependency libraries so a dummy user can install it at the end.

The libraries I've built and installed are: boost_1_41_0, cppunit-1.12.1, libusb-0.1.12, sdcc-src-2.9.0, swig-1.3.40, fftw-3.2.2

I've run into only one problem with GnuRadio itself. It doesn't built because all the makefile templates are called Makefile.am and not Makefile.in. If I remember correctly this depends on the autoconf tool versions. I'm using the ones which come with MaOS X (autoconf 2.6, automake 1.10). Copying Makefile.am to Makefile.in in all the directory tree made it compile.

One thing I've also noted is the lack of support for USRP2 which has truly astonished me. Given MacOS X and Linux differ very little on the API's of network interfaces, I can't understand why the Linux variant wouldn't run under MacOS X. Can anyone shed some light on what's stopping it from working?

Andreas Fink

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