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[Discuss-gnuradio] Interesting observation regarding varying time durati

From: Bishal Thapa
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Interesting observation regarding varying time duration it takes to execute fg.start() [a flowgraph start ala thread spawning??]
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 14:05:12 -0500

  I have an interesting observation to share, and I want to see if anybody can help me shed some light. When I measure time in python in the following way:

t1 = datetime.now()
diff = t2.microsecond - t1.microsecond
print "Difference %d", diff

I get very different time benchmarks..it goes from 309 microseconds (minimum) to all the way 1 second(max). Do you know why this thread spawning is taking such a variety of time after flowgraph start()??
====Code Below=====
#!/usr/bin/env python

from gnuradio import gr, gru, modulation_utils
from gnuradio import usrp
from gnuradio.eng_option import eng_option
from gnuradio import eng_notation
from optparse import OptionParser
from datetime import datetime
import sys

class my_top_block(gr.top_block):
    def __init__(self):
        self.interp = 64
        self.waveform_type = gr.GR_GAUSSIAN
        self.waveform_ampl = 32000
        self.waveform_freq = 2.5e9
        self.waveform_offset = 0
        self.nsamples = 0
        self._instantiate_blocks ()
        self.set_waveform_type (self.waveform_type)

    def usb_freq (self):
        return self.u.dac_freq() / self.interp

    def usb_throughput (self):
        return self.usb_freq () * 4
    def set_waveform_type (self, type):
        self._configure_graph (type)
        self.waveform_type = type

    def set_waveform_ampl (self, ampl):
        self.waveform_ampl = ampl
        self.siggen.set_amplitude (ampl)
        self.noisegen.set_amplitude (ampl)

    def set_waveform_freq (self, freq):
        self.waveform_freq = freq
        self.siggen.set_frequency (freq)
    def set_waveform_offset (self, offset):
        self.waveform_offset = offset
        self.siggen.set_offset (offset)

    def set_interpolator (self, interp):
        self.interp = interp
        self.siggen.set_sampling_freq (self.usb_freq ())
        self.u.set_interp_rate (interp)

    def _instantiate_blocks (self):
        self.src = "">        self.u = usrp.sink_c (0, self.interp)
        self.noisegen = gr.noise_source_c (gr.GR_GAUSSIAN,
        self.head = None
        if self.nsamples > 0:
            self.head = gr.head(gr.sizeof_gr_complex, int(self.nsamples))
    def _configure_graph (self, type):
            self.disconnect_all ()

            if self.head:
                self.connect(self.head, self.u)
                tail = self.head
                tail = self.u

            if type == gr.GR_UNIFORM or type == gr.GR_GAUSSIAN:
                self.connect (self.noisegen, tail)
                self.noisegen.set_type (type)
                self.src = "">            else:
                raise ValueError, type

    def set_freq(self, target_freq):
        r = self.u.tune(self.subdev.which(),self.subdev,2.5e9)
        if r:
            #print "r.baseband_freq =", eng_notation.num_to_str(r.baseband_freq)
            #print "r.dxc_freq      =", eng_notation.num_to_str(r.dxc_freq)
            #print "r.residual_freq =", eng_notation.num_to_str(r.residual_freq)
            #print "r.inverted      =", r.inverted
            return True

        return False

    def build_graph(self):
      demods = modulation_utils.type_1_demods()
      parser = OptionParser (option_class=eng_option)
      parser.add_option ("-T", "--tx-subdev-spec", type="subdev", default=(0, 0),
                       help="select USRP Tx side A or B")
      parser.add_option ("-f", "--rf-freq", type="eng_float", default=None,
                       help="set RF center frequency to FREQ")
      parser.add_option ("-i", "--interp", type="int", default=64,
                       help="set fgpa interpolation rate to INTERP [default=%default]")
      parser.add_option ("-d", "--decim", type="int", default=32,
                       help="set fgpa decimation rate to DECIM [default=%default]")
      parser.add_option ("--sine", dest="type", action="" const=gr.GR_SIN_WAVE,
                       help="generate a complex sinusoid [default]", default=gr.GR_SIN_WAVE)
      parser.add_option ("--const", dest="type", action="" const=gr.GR_CONST_WAVE,
                       help="generate a constant output")
      parser.add_option ("--gaussian", dest="type", action="" const=gr.GR_GAUSSIAN,
                       help="generate Gaussian random output")
      parser.add_option ("--uniform", dest="type", action="" const=gr.GR_UNIFORM,
                       help="generate Uniform random output")

      parser.add_option ("-w", "--waveform-freq", type="eng_float", default=0,
                       help="set waveform frequency to FREQ [default=%default]")
      parser.add_option ("-a", "--amplitude", type="eng_float", default=16e3,
                       help="set waveform amplitude to AMPLITUDE [default=%default]", metavar="AMPL")
      parser.add_option ("-g", "--gain", type="eng_float", default=None,
                       help="set output gain to GAIN [default=%default]")
      parser.add_option ("-o", "--offset", type="eng_float", default=0,
                       help="set waveform offset to OFFSET [default=%default]")
      parser.add_option ("-N", "--nsamples", type="eng_float", default=0,
                       help="set number of samples to transmit [default=+inf]")
      (options, args) = parser.parse_args ()
      if len(args) != 0:
          raise SystemExit

      if options.rf_freq is None:
          sys.stderr.write("usrp_siggen: must specify RF center frequency with -f RF_FREQ\n")
          raise SystemExit
      if options.tx_subdev_spec is None:
          options.tx_subdev_spec = usrp.pick_tx_subdevice(self.u)

      m = usrp.determine_tx_mux_value(self.u, options.tx_subdev_spec)
      print "mux = %#04x" % (m,)
      self.subdev = usrp.selected_subdev(self.u, options.tx_subdev_spec)
      print "Using TX d'board %s" % (self.subdev.side_and_name(),)

      if options.gain is None:
          self.subdev.set_gain(self.subdev.gain_range()[1])    # set max Tx gain
          self.subdev.set_gain(options.gain)    # set max Tx gain

      if not self.set_freq(options.rf_freq):
          sys.stderr.write('Failed to set RF frequency\n')
          raise SystemExit
      self.subdev.set_enable(True)                       # enable transmitter

    def start_graph(self):
      t1 = datetime.now()
      t2 = datetime.now()
      diff = t2.microsecond - t1.microsecond
      print "Time it takes to start the flowgraph%d" % diff

    def stop_graph(self):

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