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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] IT++ functions

From: Johnathan Corgan
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] IT++ functions
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 08:42:03 -0800

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 02:06, Martin Braun <address@hidden> wrote:

> I've been wanting to use the channel coders from IT++ in GNU Radio, and
> found writing wrappers is not difficult. I never finished packaging any code
> (though I've got some code somewhere, if I find it I'll send it to you),

The license on IT++ appears to be GPLv2.

If wrapping IT++ code with GNU Radio blocks is as straightforward as
you say, it may be worth it to create a new, optional top-level
component in gnuradio, say "gr-itpp", that provides wrappers for some
of the more useful bits.  This wouldn't include any IT++ code itself;
the component would just require having IT++ already installed as a
build/runtime dependency.  (For people not interested, it just
wouldn't get configured for build at configure time.)

I would encourage those on the list here to discuss the idea further,
with an aim to figuring out what the "low-hanging fruit" would be.

If there is enough interest, I can create a skeleton top-level
component as a basis for patch submission.


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