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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Error when trying to run two python programs simu

From: Josh Blum
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Error when trying to run two python programs simultaneously
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:58:48 -0700
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Ahh I see. The rule is, one process per usrp. Only one process can have the usb handle, send/recv, and handle control per usrp device. Therefore, you will have to make a custom app that combines the utilities of tunnel.py and spectrum_sense.py


On 03/23/2010 09:52 AM, drcabrejos wrote:


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried using this command, but this command seems to be applied if I have 2
USRPs connected to a single computer.

On my case, I have 2 computers and 1 USRP connected to each computer.

Each USRP have 2 RFX2400 daughterboards.

I'm trying to run both programs "tunnel.py" and "usrp_spectrum_sense.py" at
the same time, each one using a different daughterboard.

tunnel.py would use side A while usrp_spectrum_sense.py would use side B.

Then I got the error saying that the USB port was already in use and would
not be able to run the second program.

Would it be possible to run both programs simultaneously in 1 USRP. This is
because on both sides I'd be doing the same thing. Spectrum sensing and
continuous communication.


David Cabrejos

Josh Blum-2 wrote:

On 03/23/2010 07:46 AM, drcabrejos wrote:

Hi All,

I have 2 (two) USRP1 and 2 (two) RFX2400 connected to each USRP1.

What I want to do is to have communication between the devices and scan
the spectrum simultaneously.

If running programs one by one, all works great.
Running both at the same time, gives me an error saying that the USB port
already being used.

Running: uses RFX2400 on port A
/usr/share/gnuradio/examples/digital/tunnel.py --freq 2.422G

Trying to start: uses RFX2400 on port B
/usr/share/gnuradio/examples/usrp/usrp_spectrum_sense.py -R B 2.4095G

When you have multiple usrps, you need to differentiate them by using
the "which" parameter:

tunnel.py has this option on the command line:
      -w WHICH, --which=WHICH
                          select USRP board [default=0]

try ./tunnel.py<your args here>  -w1

spectrum_sense.py does not have this option, so it will have to be the 0
by default or you will have to modify the script to pass which=<x>  into
the usrp contructor.


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