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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] audio_portaudio_source error during building gnur

From: Mattias Kjellsson
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] audio_portaudio_source error during building gnuradio
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 16:17:15 +0200
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Hello Mattias,

Thank you for your help. But I do not understand your answer totally since I
am beginner.
We are all beginners in some sense =;c)
I do not know how to check version of boots and do not get
related information from gnuradio wiki.
If you have installed the boost- libraries from apt- get, they should be in /usr/lib
(or maybe /usr/local/lib)

try something like

$ls /usr/lib/*boost*

and look at the files. You should see a long list containing loads of libraries.

My output is:

Meaning I have boost version 1.38 installed
However, I think second question is not stupid. The problem was solved and I
do think it is the problem within GNU Radio release 3.3git-740-ge2222445.
Might be. If you are curious, you could check the updates and track the problem down, since you have a relatively short timespan
where the problem appeared.
I just copy the gnuradio file I installed in another laptop two weeks ago to
current laptop. First run sudo make uninstall and git clean bla bla.....

And whole install process is fine without any error. The version name is GNU
Radio release 3.3git-725-g8d3a78da. Hope this information will be useful to


Mattias Kjellsson wrote:
The version I downloaded is
 Configured GNU Radio release 3.3git-740-ge2222445 for build

I have installed 3.3git-720 successfully without any error. Anyone can
me that where and how can I download 3.3git-720?

thank you
What version of boots are you using, and have the configure- scripts found boost, are they in some "special place" (other than /usr/local/lib)?

The second question (from me) is kind of stupid, I know, since the configure- script should fail if boost was
not found, or a version number less than ... is it 1.37(?) was found.

I know that some UHD functionality requires at least boost-1.38, but I'm not sure about the trunk in the
current state.

Hope this gives you something to check at least.

On a side note.
Please see mailing- list rules regarding starting new threads. Don't start new threads with the same topic. I have seen this from (mostly) gmail users lately, so I assume there are no problems when using that. Not everyone want/will/do use gmail, and the messages gets kind of hard to follow...

Best regards
Mattias Kjellsson

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