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[Discuss-gnuradio] Interest in alternate grand-daughterboards for WBX?

From: John Orlando
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Interest in alternate grand-daughterboards for WBX?
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 20:09:37 -0500

Hi all,
I know there are a considerable number of folks using the WBX
daughterboards for a variety of signal processing tasks.  These
daughterboards incorporate a new concept in USRP-land: a
grand-daughterboard for providing pre-select filtering and/or
additional RF power amplification for the WBX.  The current
grand-daughterboard that ships with the WBX has a filter on-board (in
addition to another LNA) on the receive side, but no additional power
amplification on the transmit side (other than the amplification on
the WBX board itself).

We're considering designing a few variants of the grand-daughterboard
for use with the WBX, and would like to gauge interest of the
community.  If alternate pre-select filtering or additional transmit
power amplification sounds useful to you, we'd be interested in

-what range of passband frequencies would be useful?
-what range of passband bandwidths would be useful?
-how much RF power output would be useful, and at what frequencies?

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.  If the interest is there,
we'd likely have the most requested boards available to the public in
the September/October timeframe.

John Orlando
CEO/System Architect
Epiq Solutions

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