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[Discuss-gnuradio] More test bench stuff with usrp_std

From: Nelson Costa
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] More test bench stuff with usrp_std
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 05:14:16 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all, 

I'm trying to modify the test bench provided with the standard USRP verilog 
to work with the latest version of the usrp_std module.  I'm using the 2rx 0tx 

My problem is that I don't think I'm initializing the usrp_std module properly; 
I'm not sure of the order of events that should happen to start getting data 
of the module.  I can never get it to assert the usbrdy[1] signal, and thus it 
never has data ready .  Here are the highlights of what I do: 

I create a usb, adc, and master clock:  (default time unit is ns)

always #16 clk_120mhz = ~clk_120mhz;  //1/16ns = 62.5MHz (?)
always #60 usbclk = ~usbclk;     //1/60ns = 16.67MHz (what does FX2 give us?)
always #16 adclk = ~adclk;      // 1/16ns = 62.5MHz 

I start generating adc data

always @(posedge adclk)  adc1_data <= #1 adc1_data + 1;
always @(posedge adclk)  adc2_data <= #1 adc2_data + 1;

I (think) I reset the rx and (presumably non-existent) tx chains: 

 send_config_word(`FR_MASTER_CTRL,32'hc);      //TX, RX reset
I then set up what I think are the pertinent registers to get the rx chains 

 send_config_word(`FR_MASTER_CTRL, 32'h2);      //RX enable
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_SAMPLE_RATE_DIV, 32'h2);    // 128e6/64e6 = 2 divisor 

 send_config_word(`FR_DECIM_RATE, 32'h1);      //decimation rate = 1
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_FREQ_0, 32'h0);      //ddc center freq, rx0 = 0
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_FREQ_1, 32'h0);      //ddc center freq, rx1 = 0
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_PHASE_0, 32'h0);      //ddc phase acc word
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_PHASE_1, 32'h0);      //ddc phase acc word
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_MUX, {12'h0, 2'h3, 2'h3, 2'h2, 2'h2, 2'h1, 2'h1, 2'h0, 
2'h0, 1'b1, 3'h0}); 
                    //rx mux set so that DDCn gets ADCn, complex samples ignored
 send_config_word(`FR_RX_FORMAT, {21'h0, 1'b0, 1'b1, 5'hf, 4'h0}); //set rx 
format control register: 16 bits, want Q

I can see in ModelSim that the serial data is banged in properly.  However, I 
get no joy.  The usrp_std module simply never spits anything out.  The 
burst_usb_read() task included with the test bench code waits for usbrdy[1]  to 
be asserted, but it never does.  I've already tried to set the OE and RD inputs 
to see what happens, but nothing does. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated. 


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