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[Discuss-gnuradio] Max Voltage swing for WBX boards

From: Vincent W
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Max Voltage swing for WBX boards
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 12:24:52 -0400
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I'm trying to do some signal reconstruction and in testing and developing a
concept design, I wanted to attenuate a test signal and hook it up directly to
the RX port of my USRP2 through either the Basic RX or LFRX daughter board (and,
eventually through my WBX board). My intention was to attenuate the signal
through either a resistive attenuator or inductively through a transformer.

Essentially, I want to temporarily use my USRP2 and boards as an oscilloscope.
I'm very aware that I need to be _really_ careful doing this, as it would be
_very_ easy to break something.

Theoretically though, provided I can guarantee my signal falls within the
accepted input voltage swing for a given daughter board, there shouldn't be any

A couple of questions then:

What are the absolute and preferred input voltage ranges for the RX, LFRX, and
WBX boards?

Has anybody successfully tried this?

What are the dangers I should be looking out for?

Are there specific precautions I should be taking?

What is the best way of attenuating the signal?

Warm Regards,


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