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[Discuss-gnuradio] Firmware issue: Send a constant signal with the xcvr2

From: Matthias Schäfer
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Firmware issue: Send a constant signal with the xcvr2450 dboard
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:55:12 +0200
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 Hi List,
I'm currently working on a standalone firmware app for USRP2. My goal is to send a constant signal with the xcvr2450 dboard. I skipped the tuning via firmware by doing this prior from a host using the simple_usrp c++ interface:

uhd::usrp::simple_usrp::sptr sdev = uhd::usrp::simple_usrp::make(args);
uhd::device::sptr dev = sdev->get_device();

So back to the firmware. Assuming the tuning of the dboard is properly done from host, I basically understood the way sending is done as follows:

1. Wait for the buffer pool to become idle:

while((buffer_pool_status->status & BPS_IDLE(DSP_TX_BUF_0)) == 0)

2. Copy the data which should be send to the DSP into the DSP tx-buffer:

uint32_t *p = buffer_ram(DSP_TX_BUF_0);
uint32_t sample = (32000 << 16) | 0; // for example
for (i = 0; i < BP_NLINE; i++) {
    p[i] = sample;

3. Send the data to the DSP:

bp_send_from_buf(DSP_TX_BUF_0, PORT_DSP, 1, 0, BP_LAST_LINE);

4. Wait until transaction is done or an error occured

while((buffer_pool_status->status & (BPS_DONE(DSP_TX_BUF_0) | BPS_ERROR(DSP_TX_BUF_0))) == 0)

5. Clear the status flags and redo the whole procedure

// goto 1.


Unfortunately this doesn't work for me like expected. I tried it in several variations and listened with another usrp2 for a signal but nothing happens. I think I understood something wrong and forgot something but it's hard for me to see the problem.

So maybe you guys can help me out with that.

Thanks in advance!


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