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[Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Device context errors running gr-wxgui gl version

From: Elvis Dowson
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Device context errors running gr-wxgui gl versions on Mac OS X 10.6.4
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 14:44:25 +0400

        After doing some digging around, it would appear that there is a 
problem with using a MemoryDC to get text extents.

In the file gr-wxgui/src/python/plotter/gltext.py, line number 160, the call to 
GetMultiLineTextExtent fails.

ow, oh = dc.GetMultiLineTextExtent(self._text)[:2]

I tried using 

ow, oh = dc.GetTextExtent(self._text)[:2]

as suggested by the report here: http://trac.flipturn.org/ticket/620

but that also failed.

Since I was eager to see if gnuradio and wxPython-2.8, manually compiled to run 
natively using carbon framework (to avoid getting into the OpenGL API context 
call changes in wxPython-2.9), I simply over-rode the variables :

        ow = 10
        oh = 10

to just test to see if OpenGL was working, and sure enough, it works!! :-)  


Would anyone happen to know the fix for the dc.GetTextExtent issue?

So, the progress so far, I have native looking wxWidgets using Carbon on Mac OS 
X 10.6.4. All the dependent libraries for gnuradio were built as fat binaries 
(i386, x86_64), with the exception of gnuradio itselt and 
wxWidgets/wxPython-2.8, which were built as 32-bit, to target the carbon 
framework tests.

Later on, I guess once I figure out the modifications for the OpenGL API 
context changes for wxWidgets/wxPython-2.9, I just need to rebuild it using the 
Cocoa framework in 64-bits for only 3 libraries (GNU Radio and 
WxWidgets/WxPython) , rather than the entire set of dependent libraries. 

Best regards,


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