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[Discuss-gnuradio] Patch to fix crash on Mac OS X, when calling MemoryDC

From: Elvis Dowson
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Patch to fix crash on Mac OS X, when calling MemoryDC.GetMultiLineTextExtent with no associated bitmap
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 13:17:18 +0400

        Here is a patch to fix an issue with gr-wxgui running on Mac OS X, 
where calls to MemoryDC.GetMultiLineTextExtent fails if there is no bitmap 
associated with the MemoryDC, prior to calls to GetMultiLineTextExtent.

The workaround is to create a 1x1 bitmap, get the text extent, and then delete 
the old bitmap and create a new bitmap with the newly computed text extent. 

It doesn't seem like a good solution from a performance stand-point, but the 
wxWidgets guys say that its the only way to do this. It doesn't crash on Linux, 
but on Mac OS X. 

Here is the link to the issue tracker: http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/12486

diff --git a/gr-wxgui/src/python/plotter/gltext.py 
index 1b3c047..65d6da0 100644
--- a/gr-wxgui/src/python/plotter/gltext.py
+++ b/gr-wxgui/src/python/plotter/gltext.py
@@ -146,8 +146,12 @@ class TextElement(object):
         DRAWBACK of the whole conversion thing is a really long time for 
creating the
         texture. If you see any optimizations that could save time PLEASE 
-        # get a memory dc
-        dc = wx.MemoryDC()
+        # get a memory dc
+        # Remark: We need to ensure that a bitmap is associated with the 
MemoryDC before
+       # making calls to GetMultiLineTextExtent or GetTextExtent.
+        dc = wx.MemoryDC()
+       bmp = wx.EmptyBitmap(1,1)
+       dc.SelectObject(bmp)
         # set our font
@@ -157,11 +161,18 @@ class TextElement(object):
         #         sucker gains compared to sizes not of the power of 2. It's 
         #         500ms --> 0.5ms (on my ATI-GPU powered Notebook). On Sams 
         #         machine there don't seem to occur any losses...bad drivers?
-        ow, oh = dc.GetMultiLineTextExtent(self._text)[:2]
+        ow, oh = dc.GetMultiLineTextExtent(self._text)[:2]
+       # Delete the temporary 1x1 bitmap.
+       del bmp
+       # Compute the width and height of the display text
         w, h = self._getUpper2Base(ow), self._getUpper2Base(oh)
         self._text_size = wx.Size(ow,oh)
-        self._texture_size = wx.Size(w,h)
+        self._texture_size = wx.Size(w,h)
+       # Create a new bitmap with the computed width and height of the display 
         bmp = wx.EmptyBitmap(w,h)

Best regards,


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