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[Discuss-gnuradio] FPGA usage in USRP E100

From: Alexander Chemeris
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] FPGA usage in USRP E100
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 21:30:33 +0300

Hi all,

Is there any high-level description of what processing is done in FPGA
in E100 and is there any optional blocks which can be removed? I see
that even aeMB is present in the project - is it used or it is not
compiled in?

I need to understand how much resource is left for custom DSP
processing in the FPGA. We're working on an (open-source) WiMAX
receiver and want to offload a lot of work to FPGA. But from design
summary (below) it looks like FPGA is pretty much crowded already.

Design Summary
Number of errors:      0
Number of warnings: 9773
Logic Utilization:
  Number of Slice Flip Flops:         9,809 out of  33,280   29%
  Number of 4 input LUTs:            12,582 out of  33,280   37%
Logic Distribution:
  Number of occupied Slices:          8,618 out of  16,640   51%
    Number of Slices containing only related logic:   8,618 out of   8,618 100%
    Number of Slices containing unrelated logic:          0 out of   8,618   0%
      *See NOTES below for an explanation of the effects of unrelated logic.
  Total Number of 4 input LUTs:      13,252 out of  33,280   39%
    Number used as logic:            11,239
    Number used as a route-thru:        670
    Number used as Shift registers:   1,343

  The Slice Logic Distribution report is not meaningful if the design is
  over-mapped for a non-slice resource or if Placement fails.

  Number of bonded IOBs:                191 out of     309   61%
    IOB Flip Flops:                     106
    IOB Master Pads:                      1
    IOB Slave Pads:                       1
  Number of ODDR2s used:                 15
    Number of DDR_ALIGNMENT = NONE       15
    Number of DDR_ALIGNMENT = C0          0
    Number of DDR_ALIGNMENT = C1          0
  Number of BUFGMUXs:                     1 out of      24    4%
  Number of DCMs:                         1 out of       8   12%
  Number of DSP48As:                     16 out of      84   19%
  Number of RAMB16BWERs:                 41 out of      84   48%

Average Fanout of Non-Clock Nets:                3.25

Alexander Chemeris.

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