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[Discuss-gnuradio] Using UHD with one USRP and trying to verify that Im

From: Isaac Gerg
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Using UHD with one USRP and trying to verify that Im sending data
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 18:53:21 -0500

I have on USRP and I'm simultaneously sending an receiving data from it using the UHD interface.  Im trying to determine if I am sending my samples at all.  I am sending all 100's using COMPLEX_FLOAT32 interface.  I have a basixRX and basicTX boards.  Both are hooked up on the A side of the USRP.  I have a cable connecting TX-A to RX-A with an attenuator in the middle.  I transmit but do not seem to see my signal.  Here is a dump from my program. 
Using Device: Single USRP:
  Device: usrp1 device
  Mboard: usrp1 mboard - 48cc208a
  RX DSP: usrp1 ddc 2X + hb
  RX Channel: 0
    RX Dboard: usrp1 dboard (rx unit) - A
    RX Subdev: Basic RX (0x0001) - AB
  TX DSP: usrp1 duc 2X
  TX Channel: 0
    TX Dboard: usrp1 dboard (tx unit) - A
    TX Subdev: Basic TX (0x0000) - AB

Setting RX Rate: 250000.000000 sps...
Actual RX Rate: 250000.000000 sps...

Setting RX Freq: 4.000000 Mhz...
Actual RX Freq: 4.000000 Mhz...

Setting RX Gain: 0.000000 dB...
Actual RX Gain: 0.000000 dB...

Setting TX Rate: 0.250000 Msps...
Actual TX Rate: 0.250000 Msps...

Setting TX Freq: 4.000000 Mhz...
Actual TX Freq: 4.000000 Mhz...

Setting TX Gain: 0.000000 dB...
Actual TX Gain: 0.000000 dB...

LO Locked = 1
I have also removed the attenuator for a short while but still see no signal.

Do I have the daughterboards hooked up correctly?

Thank you,

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