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[Discuss-gnuradio] reconnecting Flowgraph with (self, 0) in a Hierarchic

From: Andis Dembovskis
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] reconnecting Flowgraph with (self, 0) in a Hierarchical block
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 21:01:39 +0200

Hello, dear community,
Does somebody know how to reconnect (self,0) of a Hierarchical block, after call of disconnect_all()

The flowgraph with GRC looks as: gr_vector_source -> gr_multiply_const -> Pad_Sink
For some reason I need to reconnect the gr_vector_source within my python script.

Case1: if I try to disconnect it alone by self.disconnect(..):
        self.disconnect((self.data_vec_source, 0), (self.gr_multiply_const_vxx_0_0, 0))
I get error:
return _gnuradio_swig_py_runtime.gr_hier_block2_sptr_disconnect(self, *args) ValueError: cannot disconnect edge vector_source_b(53):0-> ->[...], not found

Case2: if I call disconnect_all() it does disconnect all, but afterward when trying to reconnect and call
        self.connect((self.gr_multiply_const_vxx_0_0, 0), (self, 0))
I get error:
return _gnuradio_swig_py_runtime.gr_hier_block2_sptr_connect(self, *args) ValueError: output port 0 out of range for multiply_const_vcc(18)

How is it correct to reconnect (self,0) to Hierarchical flowgraph?

I hope very much somebody knows the answer,
With best regards from sunny Bremen,

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