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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Help : Using another Hardware in gnuradio.

From: ton ph
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Help : Using another Hardware in gnuradio.
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 12:31:59 +0530

Thanks tom ...
  As the question sounds to be  a bit ambigous , what i was trying to figure out was that , I have a hardware drivers written in labview programming ie. .vi format, now as per the usrp it uses .rbf files to talk to the usrp hardware . But now as i want a new hardware to be used there would not be any .rbf
files but instead the hardware driver written in the .vi form . So what i was trying to figure out was that , is that possible to make a block in gnuradio where i will replace the usrp block with my abcd block , and if so how can i do this .

 thanks for the immediate reply and highly apologize for the ambiguity.

On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 8:18 PM, Tom Rondeau <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 1:27 AM, ton ph <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi everyone ,
    I think this is true that gnuradio is a general purpose signal processing framework , not only for USRP. Now i have a question regarding this , suppose i have a hardware in which
the hardware drivers are given in .vi [ labview ] or matlab compatible format . At this situation what i can i do, is I can make a share library .so format of my hardware interaction block and embed it
to my gnuradio core as like the usrp block.
So, what i want to ask is that , is the idea which i am thinking is alright or that ll not be possible. If not possible how can we solve such kind of situation.
Thanks in advance and any illogical question if mistaken from my side , I highly apologize for that.


I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying, possibly just due to lack of details. But in general, yes, if you can make a library hardware driver with an API to set the proper parameters and to get and send samples, then you can work with it in GNU Radio. You would probably want to write something like a "gr-<your_hw>" block that wraps your device driver library in a way that works with GNU Radio, much like how we have gr-usrp, gr-usrp2, and gr-uhd right now.


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