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[Discuss-gnuradio] USRP output power

From: Songsong Gee
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP output power
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 21:04:43 +0900

I want to figure out bit error rate for certain signal to noise ratio
Thus I have to know SNR value which is a function of energy per one
bit (Eb) and noise characteristic (N0)
Let's assume I know noise characteristic, N0 (in fact I gathered noise
data and figured out N0)

For now, I have to figure out energy per one bit (Eb)
My system transmits 1 bit every 31.25ms (32kbps) and using RFX400
(100+mW output)
each bit has magnitude 32,767 or zero (amplitude shift keying) in the
GNU Radio scope plot
(I think 32,767 is the maximum value and it might have a voltage
value, 2 V. I hope it's right)

In this situation, if bit has magnitude 32,767
what energy value each bit does have?

I have some difficulties on it.

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