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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] usrp intraction with gnuradio

From: Nick Foster
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] usrp intraction with gnuradio
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 08:59:04 -0700

On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 23:19 -0700, sh.sharma wrote:
> sorry for insufficient information for my previous post i highly apologize
> for that ...
> what i wanted to ask was that...
> i am trying to understand gnuradio & i want to know which part of gnuradio
> initially receive data from usrp...
> I means , where in the gnuradio code does the work of actual reading the
> fifo in the Cyprex Fx2 USB with the help
> of the libusb and the libpcap library... 
> In trying to understand the my problem, i  start tracing usrp_rx_cfile... 
> some of the work i have done & track a function named usb_bulk_read called
> in read function of fusb_ephandle_gfeneric class...
> i think it reads data from usb(cyprex) part of USRP...
> but i want to know that which part of the code in gnuradio/USRP block code 
> put the data in that cyprex part , and if this is automatically done by the
> hardware board, then where is the code that is involve in this transaction..

If you're asking about the older gr-usrp drivers, then:

gnuradio/usrp contains the driver that talks USB to the USRP, and the
firmware and FPGA code that run on the USRP itself.

gnuradio/gr-usrp contains the bridge that gets USRP data from the driver
into Gnuradio.

The USRP has a Cypress FX2 USB controller which uses the GPIF interface
to talk to the Cyclone FPGA and read data from it. The firmware to
control the FX2 is in the gnuradio/usrp/firmware directory. The Cyclone
FPGA code is in gnuradio/usrp/fpga. The firmware on the FX2 isn't smart
enough to do anything but SPI, I2C transfers, etc. so all the control
and tuning logic is in the host side driver, in gnuradio/usrp/host.

> 1. my current objective is to know about the complete data path of
> USRP--->rx_cfile....
> i want to get the part from that the C++ takes control...
> 2. Or is it some of the important part id done other than C++ (means
> verilog, matlab etc..) or these languages work only like drivers of USRP...

If you describe what you're trying to do, we might be able to give you
more specific suggestions.


> Thanks for any help...
> & i highly apologize for any incorrect or illogical question...
> Nick Foster-4 wrote:
> > 
> > On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 06:33 -0700, sh.sharma wrote:
> >> How usrp intract with gnuradio...
> >> data is sent by usrp to gnuradio
> >> 
> >> or 
> >> 
> >> how gnuradio usrp block intract withgnuradio-core
> > 
> > If you ask good, detailed questions about specific Gnuradio topics, you
> > will get good, detailed answers about specific Gnuradio topics.
> > Otherwise, you'll get replies like this.
> > 
> > --n
> > 
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