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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] usrp intraction with gnuradio

From: sh.sharma
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] usrp intraction with gnuradio
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 23:19:22 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Nick,
 Thanks for your geniune guide and it was very helpful from my side in
clearing the doubts which i had in my mind regarding the usrp block.

And i apologize again for the  confusion created by my other part of the
What i wanted to know is that , when  data got transfered from FPGA to the
Cyprex chip , my doubt is that , is there any involvement of the c++ code in
transferring data from FPGA to Cyprex and vice versa.And if c++ code is not
involved in the transaction then , .rbf file should have automatically doing
that... I just wanted to know what part of the C++ code is used in the data
transfer from fpga to cyprex chip.

and just want to confirm that data form cyprex is recived by libusb function
"usb_bulk_read" called in "read" function of "fusb_ephandle_generic" class
in a buff string & send to the usrp_source...

i apologize if my question is still not clear enough.

Nick Foster-4 wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 23:19 -0700, sh.sharma wrote:
>> sorry for insufficient information for my previous post i highly
>> apologize
>> for that ...
>> what i wanted to ask was that...
>> i am trying to understand gnuradio & i want to know which part of
>> gnuradio
>> initially receive data from usrp...
>> I means , where in the gnuradio code does the work of actual reading the
>> fifo in the Cyprex Fx2 USB with the help
>> of the libusb and the libpcap library... 
>> In trying to understand the my problem, i  start tracing usrp_rx_cfile... 
>> some of the work i have done & track a function named usb_bulk_read
>> called
>> in read function of fusb_ephandle_gfeneric class...
>> i think it reads data from usb(cyprex) part of USRP...
>> but i want to know that which part of the code in gnuradio/USRP block
>> code 
>> put the data in that cyprex part , and if this is automatically done by
>> the
>> hardware board, then where is the code that is involve in this
>> transaction..
> If you're asking about the older gr-usrp drivers, then:
> gnuradio/usrp contains the driver that talks USB to the USRP, and the
> firmware and FPGA code that run on the USRP itself.
> gnuradio/gr-usrp contains the bridge that gets USRP data from the driver
> into Gnuradio.
> The USRP has a Cypress FX2 USB controller which uses the GPIF interface
> to talk to the Cyclone FPGA and read data from it. The firmware to
> control the FX2 is in the gnuradio/usrp/firmware directory. The Cyclone
> FPGA code is in gnuradio/usrp/fpga. The firmware on the FX2 isn't smart
> enough to do anything but SPI, I2C transfers, etc. so all the control
> and tuning logic is in the host side driver, in gnuradio/usrp/host.
>> 1. my current objective is to know about the complete data path of
>> USRP--->rx_cfile....
>> i want to get the part from that the C++ takes control...
>> 2. Or is it some of the important part id done other than C++ (means
>> verilog, matlab etc..) or these languages work only like drivers of
>> USRP...
> If you describe what you're trying to do, we might be able to give you
> more specific suggestions.
> --n
>> Thanks for any help...
>> & i highly apologize for any incorrect or illogical question...
>> Nick Foster-4 wrote:
>> > 
>> > On Wed, 2011-04-27 at 06:33 -0700, sh.sharma wrote:
>> >> How usrp intract with gnuradio...
>> >> data is sent by usrp to gnuradio
>> >> 
>> >> or 
>> >> 
>> >> how gnuradio usrp block intract withgnuradio-core
>> > 
>> > If you ask good, detailed questions about specific Gnuradio topics, you
>> > will get good, detailed answers about specific Gnuradio topics.
>> > Otherwise, you'll get replies like this.
>> > 
>> > --n
>> > 
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