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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How to delete and create a new top_block?

From: Josh Blum
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How to delete and create a new top_block?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 18:58:43 -0700
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On 04/29/2011 06:58 AM, Patrik Eliardsson wrote:
> Hi,
> After I stop a top_block, is it possible to create a new top_block and start 
> it without exiting my python application?
> My experience is that it doesn't work very well. I get the following error 
> when I instantiate a new top_block and start it.
> "UHD source block got error code 0x1
> gr_block_executor: source <gr_block gr uhd usrp source (9)> produced no 
> output.  We're marking it DONE."

If it helps, that error is from a timeout where the uhd recv() function
timed out getting samples causing the work() function to return 0. Now,
the tb.stop() called the source block's stop() function to tell the USRP
to stop streaming.

So to me that sounds like the scheduler called the work() routine after
the block was stopped (which is what seems to have happened). This seems
incorrect... Perhaps its because tb.stop() stops the streaming, but
tb.wait() can continue to call work()?


> I've attached a small example that triggers the error.
> Best regards
> Patrik
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