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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] A few words on development

From: Tom Rondeau
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] A few words on development
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 12:22:19 +0100

On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Michael Dickens <address@hidden> wrote:
On May 17, 2011, at 5:39 PM, Tom Rondeau wrote:
> What I'm now seeing, and this where the recent UHD apps comes in, is that there we really have a lack of developers.

> What it seems to come down to is a lack of initiative. We are all willing to wait until someone else does something for us, and then report on the problems. But it's hard to start something and push it out there.

Hi Tom - Related to this thread, this blog post about Qt's developer hierarchy might be interesting.  GNU Radio isn't nearly as huge as Qt, but maybe it could benefit from a similar hierarchy -- which is already in place to some degree, but maybe having such a post or wiki page would help solidify it. - MLD

< http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/05/20/open-governance-roles-and-responsibilities/ >

Last week, in my blog on the Maturity Level List and in the previous week’s Maturity Levels, I left some indications of what would be expected of a maintainer of a portion of the Qt codebase. In this blog I’d like to explain a bit more what’s expected of people working via the Qt Open Governance, what roles will exist and what responsibilities will each have.

In short, there will be three levels only:

       • Contributor
       • Approver
       • Maintainer

The presence of a “Chief Maintainer” is not exactly a fourth level. More on that below.

Thanks, Michael, that's really useful; it'll definitely give me something to think over, but initially, I like the idea of different people having approval say over some component (like Josh and anything GRC or Achilleas and gr-trellis [if he'd want to]), which would ease the burden on me to make sure everything is good.

BTW: I just updated my master branch on my github account. I'll try to remember to keep it up.


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