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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] RDS HELP!

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] RDS HELP!
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 14:32:31 -0400
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On 08/09/2011 02:27 PM, bilal ghouri wrote:
hello people,
i have installed ubuntu 10.04 and gnuradio 3.2.2, i want the RDS blocks in it, i installed gr-rds, it has been compiled and installed ( ./configure, make, sudo make install),  but after installing i cant find the RDS blocks in grc, i dont know whether my source is right or wrong or may be i have followed wrong steps. can you please guide me the right path to it and detailed way of installing, will be thankful to you.

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Looks like it has an install-grc.sh  shell script in the source that you could run to install the GRC .xml files locally.  But it requires that you have
  a .grc_gnuradio directory to install them in located in your home directory.

Marcus Leech
Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium

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