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[Discuss-gnuradio] Open Sound Control block for GRC?

From: Mark Cetilia
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Open Sound Control block for GRC?
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 08:44:34 -0400

Hello all,
I'm in the process of putting together an SSB/CW receiver using GNU Radio + a 
and just came across the GNU Radio Companion, which is a truly wonderful thing…

One thing that seems to be missing from the Companion is the ability to easily 
with other software or to control it from another networked machine / device, 
so the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol seems like a no-brainer…

OSC uses UDP packets formatted like URL strings (e.g. /filter/width 500) to 
between software locally or over a network: http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0

It sports some handy features such as pattern-matching & time tags, and has 
been implemented in a number of 
programming languages and development environments as well as numerous 
commercial software applications,
(including Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, 
SuperCollider, PD, Max/MSP, Reaktor…) 
on most platforms you can think of: http://opensoundcontrol.org/implementations

Given that OSC has been implemented in Python already, starting from Simple OSC:

or pyOSC:

should make this a straightforward enough process, but not having written a GRC 
block before,
I'm wondering if anyone might have pointers on where to begin, or might be 
interested in a quick port.

Warm regards,

mark.cetilia.org | mem1.com | reduxproject.com

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