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[Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Release 3.4.1 available

From: Johnathan Corgan
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Release 3.4.1 available
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 13:59:32 -0700


Annotated log from v3.4.0:


Achilleas Anastasopoulos (9):
     Moved grc files from grc/block to gr-trellis/grc
     updated Makefile.am and block_tree.xml to reflect changes in
     added grc directory in gr-trellis
     Added SCCC encoder/decoder grc blocksi and examples. Also moved
all grc blocks related to trellis inside the gr-trellis/grc directory
     Added more turbo encoder/decoder blocks and examples.
     More examples and turbo decoder blocks added.
     Added pccc combined turbo decoder and corresponding GRC block
     Minor fixes in turbo GRC blocks and one more example added.
     Minor fixes in turbo GRC blocks

Alexandru Csete (1):
     gnuradio-core: add accessors for gain property of quadrature_demod_cf

Eric Blossom (2):
     Update details on Bdale's existing USB PID allocation.
     Allocate 10 additional USB PIDs to Bdale.

Johannes Schmitz (1):
     gnuradio-core: make accessor const in gr_single_pole_iir

Johnathan Corgan (22):
     Update revision to 3.4.1git
     gnuradio-core: use common coding style for accessor in quadrature_demod_cf
     Merge branch 'quad_demod_gain_accessors'
     Merge branch 'single_pole_iir_const'
     Fix URL in ChangeLog
     Merge branch 'maint'
     gr-utils: move non-GUI apps using old libusrp(2) into gr-usrp or gr-usrp2
     gnuradio-examples, gr-audio: moved audio Python and C++ examples
into gr-audio
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Merged jblum/new_volk into master
     Merge remote branch 'nick/volk_cmake'
     gr-usrp: fix missing Makefile.am entry
     Merge branch 'maint'
     comedi: fix to use comedi 0.8 API
     gr-uhd: post received async messages to user supplied msg queue
     Revert "gr-uhd: post received async messages to user supplied msg queue"
     Merge remote branch 'ttsou/async'
     comedi: fix to use comedi 0.8 API
     Merge branch 'maint'
     gr-noaa: fix PLL to generate output, then update error
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Update revision to 3.4.1 release

Josh Blum (30):
     volk: updated lib and include .gitignores for in-tree build
     volk: added attributes header (copied from gruel)
     volk: replace references to __attribute__((aligned... with cross
platform macro
     volk: added VOLK_API macro to external symbols
     volk: removed cppunit from the build (not used anymore)
     volk: reorganization of generation sources and generated files
     gnuradio: support out-of-tree bootstrap
     volk: make volk_machines.cc c-safe
     volk: make volk_machine_xxx.cc c-safe
     volk: removed volk_registry.h, it was superseded by the machines
     volk: top-level common header cleanup
     volk: various backports from MSVC building
     gnuradio: revert bootstrap changes
     volk: implement type-agnostic operators for volk_complex
     volk: generate two machine structs which are conditional on LV_HAVE_ORC
     volk: cmake support for volk (gcc + msvc)
     volk: added orc support to the cmake build
     volk: move generation rules into lib + cleanup
     Merge branch 'volk_cmake' of github.com:bistromath/gnuradio into
     volk: added header implementation files to generation rule dependencies
     volk: do not install library-only headers
     uhd: simplify the work function, added TODOs for tags
     grc: qtgui windows have scrollbars (thanks jason)
     uhd: added per motherboard reference source option (includes mimo cable)
     Merge branch 'uhd/per_mb_ref_source' of gnuradio.org:jblum
     uhd: typo fix for initing a new clock_config()
     gr: added to the .gitignores to various components for in-tree builds
     core: added missing config.h includes on cc files
     core: added missing io.h includes on cc files
     grc: one line fix to fix port duplicator when removing ports

Matt Ettus (2):
     logpwrfft.py -- need to average the square, not square the
average.  Then do proper scaling (no more 3dB kludge).
     logpwrfft.py -- need to average the square, not square the
average.  Then do proper scaling (no more 3dB kludge).

Michael Dickens (1):
     gr-audio: fix missing Makefile.am clause

Moritz Fischer (1):
     volk: fix whitespace in Python script

Nick Foster (56):
     cpuid: No more compile-time CPU checks. Compiles everything that
gcc allows.
     Removed some mktables stuff since it's passe
     Moved the fn indices gen from volk.c to volk_registry.h so the qa
code has access to the static stuff
     Revert "Removed some mktables stuff since it's passe"
     reverted mktables deletion until i get my act together and make
it go straight from python -> .h
     volk: temporarily removed avx arch.
     take libvolk_runtime out of the testqa linkage
     Volk_runtime now does self-initialization. You can call
volk_xxx_a16() just like in volk.c.
     Fixed mktables for the old non-runtime volk.
     Volk: first steps to conditional compilation/multiple obj files.
     Interim commit.
     Merge branch 'master' of http://gnuradio.org/git/gnuradio into cpuid
     Volk: make_makefile_am.py changes to generate cflags, ldflags. no
conditional linking yet.
     Volk: volk_machine structures generated, volk_machines is
instantiated. Testing manually works OK. All that's left is top-level
volk.c and Automake wrangling.
     volk: forgot to add this one
     Volk: volk.c is now generated. manual build works OK.
     Volk: lib compiles & links & works for hand test. testsuite
doesn't due to lack of _manual() capability.
     Volk: hack Orc back in
     Volk: Link Orc into libvolk.so instead of as a separate installed lib
     Volk: split n_archs out of arch_defs[0], began to add _manual support
     Volk: manual funcs implemented, QA code runs. Barfs due to
missing Orc arch.
     Volk: Orc support back in there, QA code now runs, functionally complete
     Volk: Compiles and runs with or without Orc installed.
     Volk: modified archs.xml to put Orc higher prio than old
SSE/SSE2, since Orc gives better results than those platforms on avg
     Volk: make_makefile_am.py changes for include dirs
     Volk: remove some dead files from Makefile.am
     Revert some extraneous changes from another branch
     Volk: Each QA test runs in separate Boost test case so it prints
statistics for you.
     Volk: allow setting of build type (debug, release, etc) from command line
     Volk: initial profiling support. Profiling works, reading doesn't
yet. Need to add name field to volk arch_defs
     Volk: Profiler is in apps/ now. Added name to function info.
Going to C++-ify the whole thing.
     Volk: profiling works. loads prefs on init. volk_rank_archs looks
in prefs first.
     Volk: actually return the preferred arch
     Volk: forgot to add prefs.c/h to git...
     Volk: fix volk.pc.in
     Volk: fixed pkgconfig install
     Volk: move configuration into ~/.volk instead of ~/.gnuradio, add
ability to create dir in profiler if not exist
     Volk: uncomment most of the profiler tests
     Volk: Forgot to put sse4.1 support in sse4_2 and avx machines
     Volk: added an AVX impl (of 32f multiply) just to see if it's any
faster. It's not.
     Volk: changed size of memory alignment in QA code to 32 for AVX support
     Volk: avx impl for 32f_s32f_convert_32i
     Volk: I keep pulling tests out for testing and forgetting to put
them back in...
     Volk: rename aligned functions to just _a instead of _a16
     Volk: rename functions _a instead of _a16
     Volk: renamed everything else to _a instead of _a16, makefiles included
     Volk: added alignment prop to each machine. call
volk_get_alignment() to get your machine's reqd alignment for malloc.
     volk: remove justifiable obscenity from volk_prefs.c
     Volk: first stab at NEON support. Using compile-time detection.
     Volk: modify NEON test flag
     Volk: Use "unsafe" math optimizations (read: NEON) in GCC on NEON arch
     Volk: runtime NEON detection based on /proc/self/auxv
     Added volk_typedefs.h to the generated sources and installed headers.
     volk: make fptrs in volk.h visible
     Add gr_correlate_access_code_tag_bb, issues tags instead of
annotating samples

Thomas Tsou (2):
     gr-uhd: add async metadata source block
     gr-uhd: readd displaced alias for single_usrp_sink

Tom Rondeau (41):
     qtgui: missed this when updating time info.
     Merge branch 'master' of gnuradio.org:gnuradio
     audio: fixing alsa source like we did for alsa sink before.
     Fixed warnings about variable intialization order.
     Fixed return warnings.
     Fixed warnings about doxygen format.
     Fixed type warning.
     doxygen: fixed doxygen warnings.
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Fixed doxygen warning in gr-uhd
     Fixed warnings generated from improper includes in swig interface file.
     patch: applying Alexandru Csete's patch (that I though I already
     Merge branch 'maint'
     grc: adding ctcss squelch block to GRC.
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Merge branch 'maint' of gnuradio.org:gnuradio into maint
     Merge branch 'master' of gnuradio.org:gnuradio
     GRC: fixed error in XML format; need to declare XML type first.
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Merge branch 'turbo'
     trellis: removing generated files.
     Merge branch 'logpwrfft_fix'
     Merge branch 'master' of gnuradio.org:gnuradio
     tags: fixed fwrite line for the right item size number.
     tags: updated uhd_burst_detector with a better energy detector.
Works well when receiving bursty NBFM signals.
     tags: adding tags examples to build distribution.
     Merge branch 'correlate_tag'
     volk: a way of doing -B in python that is 2.5 compatible (picked
from Josh Blum's work).
     core: Doxygen comments for added tag name parameter.
     Merge branch 'maint'
     Fixing keep_one_in_n to allow for large values of n. Performs tag
propagation locally.
     fixing PLL's so their output update is done at the right time;
were lagging by a sample before.
     Merge branch 'maint' of gnuradio.org:gnuradio into maint
     Merge branch 'maint'
     fixed QA code for PLL changes
     Merge branch 'maint'
     qtgui: fixing import statements in qtgui apps to print an error
if extra python modules are not available.
     examples: fixed examples (pfb and tags) to print an error when
python modules are not available.
     trellis: fixed import statements; fixed test_cpm to convert numpy
stuff to types GNU Radio blocks can handle.
     examples: fixed import statements.
     Merge branch 'keep1n'

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