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[Discuss-gnuradio] uhd running parallel tx/rx flowgraphs

From: Apurv Bhartia
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] uhd running parallel tx/rx flowgraphs
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 03:38:47 -0600


I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 + UHD 003.004.000 + USRP2.

I'm trying to run a transceiver script for OFDM, which has both the tx and rx flowgraphs (very similar to tunnel.py except the TUN interface). But, I can't seem to receive anything successfully in that case. Even the preamble correlation fails, it barely sees anything substantial in the air at the RF end.
On the other hand, if I just disable the uhd_transmitter in the script, the receiver then works just about great.

I've run the transceiver script earlier on USRP2 with the eth driver - could it be something to do with the UHD? Is it possible that the transmitter is in some way locking the receiver?

P.S: Individually, tx and rx work just fine.


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