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[Discuss-gnuradio] Windows build problems

From: Don Epand
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Windows build problems
Date: Wed, 09 May 2012 12:56:04 -0700

Hello all,
I am trying to build a windows version of gnuradio for a friend. I have
gnuradio running on my Fedora 16 and Unbuntu 12.04 machines with no know
problems. I have most all of the necessary packages built and installed
for the build using cygwin. However; Boost1_49_0 ,while having built
without any problems, is not found by cmake. What I did was define
BOOST_PREFIX as /opt/boost_1_49_0. This installed boost in
the /opt/boost_1_49_0 by doing 
sudo ./b2 --prefix=$BOOST_PREFIX --with-thread --with-date_time
--with-program_options --with-filesystem --with-system
--layout=versioned threading=multi variant=release install

That Done Boost was installed in /opt/boost_1_49_0

I then define  BOOST_PREFIX=/opt/boost_1_49_0 again.

then switch to gnuradio build-dir and do.
$BOOST_PREFIX/include/boost-1_49/ -DBoost_LIBRARY_DIRS=
$BOOST_PREFIX/lib  ../

My cmake repeatedly says "Could not find Boost"
Thus nothing really gets built. I am pretty sure this is some kind of
PATH problem. I have added all of the boost directories to my PATH
statement and still no joy.
Anyone have any ideas?
Don Epand

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