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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] patch to make FindQwt.cmake work on OpenSuse 12.1

From: Tom Rondeau
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] patch to make FindQwt.cmake work on OpenSuse 12.1
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 21:15:47 -0400

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 2:55 AM, Kire Pudsje <address@hidden> wrote:
> 2012/5/14 Patrik Tast <address@hidden>:
>> Hi,
>>> File in question for reference:
>>> http://gnuradio.org/cgit/gnuradio.git/tree/cmake/Modules/FindQwt.cmake
>> Could the *find that dependency* be automatized using locate and grep
>> instead of hard-coding where to look in?
>> I'm using latest qwt for other delvel projects also. A quick lookup (using
>> Fedora) could look like this:
>> $ locate libqwt.so
>> /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn/lib/libqwt.so
>> /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn/lib/libqwt.so.6
>> /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn/lib/libqwt.so.6.0
>> /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn/lib/libqwt.so.6.0.2
>> $ locate qwt_plot.h
>> /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn/include/qwt_plot.h
>> Patrik
> The FILE GLOB could do the same trick as you suggest:
> "FILE(GLOB qwt_files ${qwt_dir}/include/qwt*/qwt_plot.h)"
> I tried to write a patch which uses exactly that.
> It tries to locate the header files in:
> /usr/local/qwt*/include
> /usr/local/include/qwt*
> /usr/qwt*/include
> /usr/include/qwt*
> /opt/local/qwt*/include
> /opt/local/include/qwt*
> /sw/local/qwt*/include
> /sw/local/include/qwt*
> Furthermore, the libraries are searched in the same order. So if I
> have the packaged version for qwt in /usr/include/qwt5 and I have a
> manually compiled qwt in /usr/local/qwt-6.0.2-svn, it prefers the
> manually compiled version, and makes sure that it will then search the
> libraries in exactly the same order. On 64bit machines, the lib64 will
> be preferred over lib.
> This patch is pure cmake language, so it should not break on windows.
> Furthermore, no maintenance should be needed with new versions of qwt.
> Kire.


This sounds good. I'll have a look at it next week when I get back
home and can process it better. Using cmake's GLOB is a lot more
attractive, too, since it's (I assume) cross-platform.


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