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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Having issues getting APT-DECODER Sample working

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Having issues getting APT-DECODER Sample working
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 21:48:56 -0400
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On 10/7/12 7:23 PM, Patrik Tast wrote:
You will have to investigate more.

Try download/build the
<http://www.qsl.net/5b4az/pkg/apt/wxapt/wxapt.html>  or (I use)

It shouldn't be that hard...

Yes, thank you. I would run wxapt or atpdec if my goal was to decode the
APT images, but my goal is different.

I would like to take a gnuradio program that is currently running on one
machine, and split it among several computers. I chose this program
because A it does not require a USRP (I feed in a straight RAW file), B
it is non trivial and has a branch; it is also fairly compute intensive
when compared to other 'easier' gnuradio applications.

My goal is to get APT decoding to work in gnuradio without using any
other programs.

Thanks again!

I put this together a few months back, attached.

It decodes it down to the symbol level, but doesn't turn it into useful bitmap files or anything. That's a little outside the scope of what
  Gnu Radio is intended for.

Marcus Leech
Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium

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