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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] File Sink slow?

From: mleech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] File Sink slow?
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2012 13:36:00 -0500
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On 07 Nov 2012 12:30, Eral Türkyilmaz wrote:

ripnet.com> writes:
There have been problems with the 82579LM dropping packets,
even when there's no 
reason to.  There's a horrible bug in its FIFO logic, apparently.  
Various driver 
patches have been applied over the years in Linux to try to get around it, 
but at 
the end of the day, it's the hardware.  
It wouldn't surprise me if your problem is 
related to that.
Thank you very much for that hint. Do you recommend any special network card?

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To be clear, the 82579LM issue is something you should look in to.  Not guaranteed that's you're problem, but I can't think of another reason.

Also, to be sure.  You are using this interface in 1GiGE mode, right?  Connected directly to the N210 without any switches or other detritus in the middle?

I use a number of different network interfaces on my machines, they all work.  Even the cheezy RealTek $25.00 1GiGe PCI or PCIe cards should work for you, particularly at lower sample rates.




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