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[Discuss-gnuradio] compiling and working with gnuradio in windows

From: Seth Hollar
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] compiling and working with gnuradio in windows
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 16:58:39 -0500
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I am definitely a newbie here, so excuse me if I am asking some things that might seem obvious.

I am mostly a windows guy, so I compiled and installed both the UHD (003.004.003-253-gd9829759) and the gnuradio (3.6.2) under windows using the CMAKE program.

After some effort, I can run gnuradio-companion. In the gnuradio examples, I've tried filter/resampler_demo.grc and pfb/resampler_demo.grc.

The pfb/resampler_demo.grc seems to run without any trouble. However, when I execute filter/resampler_demo.grc, Python crashes. In the block diagram, if I remove the arbitrary resampler block, python doesn't seem to crash when I run it. So, I'm guessing that the arbitrary resampler module is causing the problems.

filter/resampler_demo.grc crashes consistently even when I use the precompiled binaries from Ettus and even when I install gnuradio on a different windows machine.

When running gnuradio in Virtualbox under Ubuntu, however, filter/resampler_demo.grc executes without a problem.

If you had any thoughts on this, I would appreciate it.
Thanks so much,

Other randome notes:
To run the GRC examples, I need to delete the first line that starts with the hash '#'. It seems like GRC expects the bracket '<' as the first line.

I have to say, that as a newcomer, the whole issue of installing and understanding gnuradio is very confusing. One additional issue I ran into (but overcame) is a link error in the gnuradio compile:

when compiling gnuradio-core (?), I get two link errors in uhd_swigPYTHON_wrap.obj of the variety: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: __thiscall uhd::range_t::range_t(class uhd::range_t const &)" (address@hidden@@address@hidden@@Z) ...

For some reason, it seems that the definitions have to be explicitly declared in the source, so I added the following to ranges.cpp:
    /* NOP */

range_t::range_t(range_t const & _copy_range_t)
    _start = _copy_range_t._start;
    _step  = _copy_range_t._step;
    _stop  = _copy_range_t._stop;

added code to ranges.hpp
        // copy range
        range_t(range_t const & _copy_range_t);

        // declare destructor

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